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Teach First look for the following skills when recruiting graduates:

  • Humility, Respect and Empathy - As a Teach First participant you will be working with a variety of stakeholders (including pupils, parents and peers). We look for those who can build relationships quickly, giving value and respect to others to get the best out of them.
  • Leadership - You will need to be proactive and make decisions on a daily basis as you strive to achieve above and beyond expectations. Taking the lead will be crucial for success.  
  • Resilience - You will need to be hungry for a challenge, using patience and endless energy to persevere through the difficult times. When faced with obstacles you will need to be tenacious and versatile and maintain a positive mindset.
  • Problem Solving - Every day you will face new challenges and will have to come up with considered, effective and appropriate solutions in response. Whilst drawing on resources and logic you will also need to use creativity and innovation to be successful.

UCL Alumni Profile: Danielle Tobin

Teach First Alumni Photo 0032000000b Obo OAAS


Current role: English Teacher

Studied: BA English, MA Legal and Political Theory

"UCL is a whirlwind of a place to study and, after attending pretty much every careers event on offer and taking part in various corporate vacation schemes, I wanted to be truly challenged whilst doing something that felt genuinely worthwhile. The Teach First vision of addressing the UK's huge educational inequality is incredibly important and particularly resonated with me after having had the opportunity to study at a world-leading university. I also didn't want to commit myself to one career for the rest of my life - at the age of 22, it felt like a very daunting prospect! I joined the Teach First Leadership Development programme and now teach English in a Secondary School in London. In the future I would like to work in policy and politics, and Teach First is a brilliant platform for whatever you choose to do long-term - there are so many opportunities on offer. I can't think of many other graduate jobs that give you so much responsibility, are so important to society, provide a platform for whatever you want to do in the future, and give you hilarious stories from pupils to amuse your friends with!"

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